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          Made from super high impact polypropylene copolymer, our cases are virtually indestructible. Condition 1 strives to protect your electronics, cameras, video equipment, rifles, pistols and anything else that deserves meticulous preservation!


          Not only are our cases manufactured to safeguard your items, but they do so at a cost that allows everyone to experience this level of security for the items you hold most valuable.


          When the United States military needs a case that can survive the roughest conditions, they turn to Condition 1. Our cases exceed the strength tests that soldiers need to feel confident in the transportation of critical gear.

          Condition 1’s crush proof, underwater protecting and drop resisting structure allows the mission to be executed flawlessly.

          how to size your case.

          Our pluckable foam inserts allow maximum versatility to the items that deserve the utmost security. When deciding which Condition 1 case you need for assets, be sure to include a two inch margin around your valuables. Therefore, allowing breathing room for ultimate security.

          Space Around

          Space Above/Below

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          Where to buy

          Condition 1 cases in all shapes and sizes can be purchased from any of these trusted retailers.